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:: About Us ::
covered mountains along the old Oregon Trail, where
Our people live amidst the quiet splendor of pine the
day moves at a walk and excellence still matters. We
are a company of shooters who value our family of
customers and the skilled effort they invest out on the
range. We're proud to honor our shooters with the
Laser-Cast® bullet line, which in just five years has
become widely recognized as the industry leader in
performance and accuracy.
We understand the
importance of having
absolute confidence in
your bullet's performance.
You need to know your
bullet will fly true, shot after
shot. That's why Oregon
Trail® Bullet Company
was created, and why we
have been so successful.
Our products reflect our
people, for whom striving
for excellence is really
second nature.
We began with a simple plan: Set the New
Performance Standard by making the finest,
most precise cast bullets possible. This
objective is pursued through our endless
research and development programs, fanatical
quality control and slavish devotion to the true
experts, our customers. We support our
shooters with an award-winning customer
service staff, and the Laser-Cast® Reloading

If you demand quality and rely on accuracy,
you'll always have a home at Oregon Trail®.