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:: Testimonials ::
I have purchased bullets from Oregon Trail Bullet Company before and WILL
again.  I am, and have been, totally satisfied with their products and service.  
A great company to do business with.

S. Kendell
I was really impressed with the website, product, careful packing, and speedy
service provided by this company.  They did an amazing job.

W. Gaylord
If you use cast bullets, Oregon Trail is the way to go.  I use their Laser-Cast
bullets in several calibers and all perform beautifully.  When I have a question
all I have to do is call and there is always knowledgeable help at the other end.

J. Fink
To the fine folks of Laser Cast, this letter is to thank you for the support that
you gave us this shooting season. By using the fine bullets that you produce,
we were able to continue our winning record in the Practical Police Shooting
Competitions. All of the officers in the photograph are the Pocatello Police
Dept. shooting team and used your bullet. Due to the strict guidelines that
you adhere to we are able to adjust our guns to utilize your bullet to its best
potential. You truly set the standard for the industry, and we all owe you a
debt of thanks. Thanks for building the best bullet you can and allowing us to
be the best we can be.
Howdy from Nebraska,
Year after year I have nothing but praise for your products.  After three years of hunting
Bison with your excellent 45-70  430g GC bullet and more than a decade shooting your
bullets at SASS and NCOWS matches, I decided to try my luck with your .44 310g WNFP GC
loaded to 1100 fps in my 5.5" Super Blackhawk.  My guide thought I was nuts, but we've
hunted on three other occasions and I've never had to shoot twice so he let me go.  (Note: I
use the term Guide loosely here, he mainly watches to make sure you don't kill the herd
bull, and let your next of kin know if you messed up and aren't coming home. He doesn't
carry a firearm and doesn't provide any insurance if you do mess up.)  I had all the
confidence in the world, your bullet groups inside 2" at 50 yards and plows through popular
trees, plywood, what-ever.
After stalking within 60 yards, the hunt became very predictable, one shot, one bison down.  
I can't wait for late deer season to start so I can shoot some more.  All I can say to the
bigger than .44 magnum crowd is: Maybe you don't need a bigger gun, maybe you just
need a better bullet.
M. Forster
Dear Oregon Trail Bullet Company representative,

I would like to comment on the great product that your company produces. I have
experienced dozens of different manufacturers and spend countless hours of
scrubbing away the lead from the inside of the barrel from so called "Hard cast"

The Laser-Cast bullets are the only ones that truly do not lead the barrel, and I was
truly amazed that there was not a sign of leading even after 300 rounds with no

I honestly have to say that these are by far the best bullets I have shot consistency
and accuracy wise. These bullets are truly worth every penny.

Again thank you for this great product and the great work that you are doing, from
your new and loyal customer.

Alex Shestopal
Shot the 44 300gr TC .431 in my new Marlin 444, with cut rifling at a little over
1700 fps.  Wow, what a great bullet.  Feed great and shoot like a house a fire.  
Very accurate and no leading.  Thanks for a great bullet.

R. Whittington